Operating as performance artist, writer and director, Buescu’s artistic praxis combines autobiographical elements with techniques of research and documentary mainly staged as live performance art pieces. Alexandru Buescu was born in 1985 in Bucharest, The Socialist Republic of Romania, under the communist regime of Ceaușescu. His work questions social issues related to: freedom of speech, fake news, internet, individual or collective memory, distribution of the sensible, human alienation due to technology, rituals, family, adulthood, isolation, fear, loss of individuality or the duality and problem of the ego. At the same time, it challenges assumptions, perceptions and expectations related to his own art practice and research. To this the live dimension of his performances aims to create inspiring or provocative experiences for the audience, where the vitality of the (rebellious) human body as opposed to fixed, rigid structures (buildings, concrete floors, machines, the earth) is always displayed as a declaration of freedom against oppressive treatments. By creating unexpected situations or inventing ambiguous “characters”, directly or indirectly related to his own nature, in his performances Buescu investigates the roles of the performer and the audience, the exposure of body, the question of the representation from conventional schemes to real situations. The use of videos, voice or sound recordings, objects made out of paper, toys, photos, poems, official documents, interviews, sand or even animal meat acquire symbolic meaning in his work while the traces left on stage became evidence of the everyday absurd human behavior. Driven by his own life experience, curiosity and critical thinking towards a profound understanding of the present issues that shape our society, Alexandru undertakes long time periods of research practice across various fields, usually opposite to his artistic training.
The Great Darkness


You are connected with everyone via your mobile phone applications. Amazing help from technology developers. Let's have a drink for this! Facebook, Instagram, YouTube… You are the digital creator of your own escape into an utopic space. You exist there, above all. Thousands of likes flood your body every day and feed your ego. Otherwise, physically you are still alone in your room, between four concrete walls, disconnected and with many thoughts that cross your mind. Is daily life a bit too much for you to handle? Aren't there thousands of people waiting for you outside when you leave the house? Are you aware of your body? What about your thoughts, are your thoughts giving you time to rest with so much hyperconnectivity around?

This performance piece was presented in the opening of the collective exhibition Fațetele hiperconectivității (The Facets of Hyperconnectivity).

Curator Raluca Băloiu & Simona Antoniu
Set Design Dear Sender
Photos Andreea Gheorghieș, Bogdan Catargiu, Radu Spiridon
Camera Andreea Gheorghieș
Texts Mircea Cipariu

Location: Galateea Contemporary Art Gallery